Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Well hey there Wednesday! What a special treat we had today with an EARLY DISMISSAL!! Everyone worked super hard today and I was so impressed by it...keep it up guys :)  We were also able to enjoy the Jump Rope performance @ the gym this morning! Check out the pictures below! I will be reading everyone's final drafts of their Young Author's stories that turned them in already this afternoon! Check out Baylee's blog from today by clicking HERE. Make sure to read below of any additions to homework for tonight...

LANGUAGE ARTS: I CAN...find inferences in text. Final drafts for Young Authors are due Thursday so we have been working super hard to work through the whole writing process. 
HOMEWORK: Work on Young Authors & if you take it home to work on make SURE you bring it back to school! Read for 30 
minutes and (for Mrs. Schleg's class) write down 5 inferences you have about the weather patterns with evidence to back it up (due tomorrow). Make sure to fill out your ONLINE READING LOGS!

SCIENCE: Checked our Guided Notes.
HOMEWORK: Test Friday.


MATH: I CAN...write a fraction in greater terms.
HOMEWORK: We are getting back into practice mode with our Simple Solutions books. Complete all of Lessons 1 & 2 by FRIDAY.

RELIGION: Checked our Unit 1 Review questions.
HOMEWORK:  Test Friday.

  • Technology HW: 3 pictures ( 1 baby, 1 present day, and 1 of your choice) & you are allowed to work on Emaze presentations
  • Saturday, February 7 Father Daughter Dance
  • Friday, February 13 Valentine's Parties @ 1:45

I encourage you all to play OUTSIDE today!! It's going to be so nice so take advantage of it today...after homework of course ;) Have an amazing rest of your days and I will see you all tomorrow morning! 
XO- Ms. Ray

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