Friday, February 13, 2015


Good afternoon & HAPPY FRIDAY the 13th!!! I hope you guys had a great week! Our Valentine's party was super sweet today...and an even better surprise that MRS. THOMAS came to visit us!! What a awesome treat before Valentine's Day :) It was so much fun catching up with her and baby Harry! Boy did he live up to his name or what?! HA! I know you all enjoyed seeing her and the babe just as much as I did! Thanks to all the parents who made our party so special!! Pictures from our party are below...

 Passing out Valentine's
 XO- Ms. Ray
 Valentine Floats!
 Twizzlers as straws?!
 Fun crafts...

LANGUAGE ARTS: I CAN...find inferences in text. I CAN... write a memior. In reading we went over the correct answers of a quiz we took. For writing we were introduced to the beginning of writing memiors. Today we worked on making just a 6 word title that could sum up our memior ideas.
HOMEWORK: Read for 30 
minutes :)

SCIENCE: Today we had a visitor come in and we made circuit boards in groups.

HOMEWORK: Test Wednesday.

MATH: I CAN...round mix numbers to the nearest whole numbers. Today we checked our homework & worked on a Improper Fraction Worksheet together.
HOMEWORK: Test Thursday.

RELIGION: Today we worked on vocab.
HOMEWORK: Finish Vocab. paper.

  • Ash Wednesday is February 18 (Mass this day and NOT Thursday)
  • Trimester 2 ends February 19
  • Fish Frys begin February 20

Stay warm this's suppose to get super chilly! Stay healthy this weekend...lots of kiddos sick this past week! Good luck to all the teams playing this weekend!! I hope you ALL have a very sweet Valentine's Day tomorrow and enjoy the ones you love :) I will see you all very soon!!


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