Thursday, April 14, 2011


Happy Thursday all...what a beautiful day we've been blessed with!  Spring is definitely amongst us :)

We worked on our assessment for the skill of "cause & effect" and "comparing and contrasting".  The ORQ was about a bully named, Mean Jean and the students had to identify how she changed over time.  Upon completion of the ORQ, students then began working on a cause & effect monster which was really great and helped them to identify some skills in their books that led to other things happening.  I've also enjoyed reading the students' "cause & effect" books.  Pictures of both are listed below:

Cause and Effect books

Cause and Effect books

a Cause & Effect Monster!
HOMEWORK: Complete packets to turn in tomorrow and study words for your spelling test.

We reviewed our homework from last night which was workbook pages 111-112.  There were SIX students (yes, SIX...) who did not have their homework today which was very disappointing.  After going over this addition and subtraction of fractions, we moved onto our new unit of measurement.  We learned about customary measurements such as inches, feet, yards, etc., and how to reasonably estimate objects.  A small paperclip is about an inch, whereas our desks are about 2 feet.  From there, we decided to measure the length of the entire hallway up to the office.  How we did it was quite simple: we measured one tile on the floor and realized it was exactly one foot.  With this knowledge, we then walked up the hallway, counting each tile, knowing that it represented one foot in the length of the floor.  We counted 250 tiles so we know that that hallway is about 250 feet long!  I then asked the students if they could figure out how many times we'd have to walk up and down the hallway to equal a mile.  We determined that we'd have to walk up and down the hallway 21 times plus 30 additional feet in order to reach a mile of walking!
HOMEWORK: complete WORKBOOK pages 119-125

PM activities (Science with Mrs. Ingold's class):
We continued our fossil activities from Tuesday.

I hope you have a thrilling Thursday evening!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., Look at the spring fever in these cuties!

Kennedy and Lily Mc!

craaaazy little cuties :)

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