Friday, April 22, 2011

4.22.11 - what a day!!!!

Funny Bunny :)

WOW!!!  The energy of today was palpable...I mean, I have NEVER (in all my years of teaching), EVER seen kids more excited and pumped up for state testing!!!  WOWZA!!!  It really has been a F-U-N day and students are so ready to take on the "CATS"!!!  I can't wait to see how well we ROCK this thing and blow the lid off of it! 

"Some-bunny" special: Mr. Canizal came to wish us 'GOOD LUCK' on our CATS test :)
Also, today is Miss "Eva Kinevea's" birthday! 

Our BIRTHDAY girl :)

Eva :)
AND, Abby-Lou and I had on VERY similar skirts!  What can I say?  The girl's got some style!

they're almost the same skirt!

matchy matchers :)

here's how our day went down...(it was F-U-N!)
First, we made our signs for the hallway that say, "OWL" do my BEST on the CATS Test!!!

Next, we had READING where students turned in their packets and took their spelling tests and then we reviewed some details about testing in order to ensure we are fully prepared.
Alonna and Lauren taught us their song they made up for testing (along with Jasmine and Micah) that they will sing at the assembly AND the special area teachers will be singing!  It is to the tune of the UK fight song and is absolutely AMAZING.  I also practiced my rapping of "Score 4, Baby!" which is to the tune of "Ice, Ice Baby".  I think the 3rd graders have the best dance and skit by far!  I LOVE US! Watch our video of us singing, "On, On GSE"...

Next, we separated our desks, and did some other fun preparations for testing while we were waiting on Ms. Borders to arrive.  She presented us with a slide show she made with pictures from all of the 3rd-5th grade classrooms to the song, "Never say Never" by Justin Beiber.  Like, I said...we've been having a GREAT time and feel so encouraged and supported!  Boy, are you kiddos LOVED or what?!?  I sure know I'm absolutely CRAZY about you and head over heels in love with ya (so could you please NOT grow up and stay in 3rd grade with me FOREVER?!?)

After lunch, it was FINALLY time for our CATS assembly and parade.  Each group of teachers presented a dance for the students to get pumped up about testing.  We 3rd grade teachers danced to "Score 4, BABY" while I (!) rapped the lyrics...ahhhhhh....kind of embarrassing, but all in the name of good fun!  I'd do absolutely ANYTHING for my babes!

I'll have videos (and my rapping debut) posted by Monday!

I can't wait to see you MONDAY!  Be SURE to get PLENTY of rest this weekend after you enjoy the Easter Bunny and Easter Sunday with your family! 
I. B-E-L-I-E-V-E. in. Y-O-U.
Mrs. Thomas

PS, we are still in much need of items for our basket for the SPRING CARNIVAL, next Friday (April 29th), so if you can and are willing, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send in some items that are ART centered to fit the theme of our basket.  WE GREATLY APPRECIATE your contribution!

ALSO, it's not looking too great for our kids to have breakfast each morning or snack and treats each day.  If you are able to this weekend, there is still time to send things in for our students.  This is really in an effort to ensure they are well nourished and have prepared (and not hungy minds or growling tummies) minds, AND to show them that we are behind them every step of the way!  We will be so very, very appreciative of your willingness to send us some goodies.  Thank you SO MUCH for being so supportive and the BEST parents ever!  We love you!

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