Monday, April 25, 2011


Well...we survived the first day of testing!!!  I have to say, I am so very, very proud of all of our students as you could almost hear their brains churning away!  These students have wonderful perseverance and are handling their first "go" at testing with ease and confidence.  I have no doubt their efforts will prove successful!

Thank you to Tabitha, Caroline, and Ryan for the breakfast, snack, and treat of the day!  We had yogurt from Tabi for breakfast, M&M cookies from Ryan for our treat, and quite possibly THE MOST delicious homemade blueberry muffins from Mrs. Dudek (Caroline's mom).  Honestly, as we were all eating them, we were in absolute, pure heaven; you could hear, "mmmmm...", "oh my goodness..." and "WOW" through the lip smacking and finger licking greatness!  WOWZA, were they fantastic or what?!? 

We tested from about 8:15 - 11:00 today, then enjoying our snack, and went outside until specials where we had Library.

PM activities:
the afternoon went as usual, except instead of Science, we took it easy on our brains (since we'd worked them so hard in the morning!) and began discussing the Kentucky Derby.  Over the next week before the Derby, we will be learning about all the great things surrounding it and why it is so special to not only our state, but the world.

See everyone tomorrow as I cannot wait to see how your blow the lid off the rest of your reading test!
I'm so proud of all of you...I am a lucky teacher, indeed!
Mrs. Thomas

PS, Here are some pics from Friday...
(I'll have the videos uploaded as soon as I can!)

our performers!
(Tabi, Micah, Jazzy, Lo-Lo, Alonna, & Caroline)

Peyton and Ahmad enjoying the pep rally!

Caroline and Micah performing to, "Never say Never"

The 4th grade teachers performing to "Take me out to the Ballgame"

4th grade teachers

5th grade performers, "Dynamite"

they were so great, they were asked to do it twice!

Hannah Tucker from my homeroom last year...she was GREAT!

you're "DYNAMITE" 5th grade!

Micah, Alonna, Tabi, Jazzy, and Lo-Lo singing the GSE fight song THEY made up!  IT WAS GREAT!

5th grade

5th grade: "DYNAMITE"

us in the audience!

our testing buddies...Mrs. Hubers's Kindergartners cheering us on!

look at everyone cheering us on!

we felt so special!  Thank you for your support!

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