Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well, we survived testing today...BUT, it sure wasn't easy!  We tested for over 3 hours today to make up for what we missed yesterday in all our weather chaos.  Tomorrow, we will FINISH our 3rd grade round of CATS testing, but next week, we begin our other testing areas (KCACS and ITBS), which will not be as extensive!

After testing, we had recess, specials, lunch, and then a lengthy wellness walk in the beautiful sunshine.  We then worked on our Jockey Silks.  The students have come up with some very unique names for their horses and silks for the jockeys to wear!  Unfortunately, we did not get to have our s'mores yet again due to not meeting expectations for behavior.  The s'mores are meant to be treat for all of our effort and energy we've been devoting to our mornings, but I do not feel comfortable giving treats if our behavior is not conducive to our expectations.  We have been redirected not only by me, but other teachers in the hallway and that will just not fly, nor is it acceptable (especially coming from such wonderful students who are mere weeks away from being a 4th grader!). 

Tomorrow will be a WONDERFUL day where we will shine and put the boot to 2011 CATS testing!  HOOOOOORAAAAY!!!

I am ALWAYS proud of each of you and I love you more than words could ever describe!
Mrs. Thomas

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