Wednesday, April 27, 2011


WHOA....Was the weather CcRrAaZzYy today or what?!?  WOWeeeee!!!!

our testing was blown away today!
The storms started happening about 20 minutes after we had begun testing which was crazy enough...and then the weather on top of that "hectic-ness"?!?  Chaos!  However, the students handled the situation with ease and maturity and I could not have been more proud of them!  I know it was scary and we were left with many worries and questions, but they followed along and waited for instructions.  Given the circumstances, they were GREAT!

Since we had to wait for so long, they cancelled the rest of testing for the day and we will pick up where we left off tomorrow.  During the time of uncertainty, we had the students watch, "the Lion King" so then when they called off the warning, we continued watching it until recess.  After lunch, we spent some time outside in the sunshine before the weather got crazy again!  However, we did not get to have our s'mores today because of poor behavior in the hallway which is incredibly disappointing.  :(

Hopefully you stay safe and dry tonight!
See you tomorrow!
Mrs. Thomas

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