Friday, April 8, 2011

Boy have I missed you....

Hi everyone!!!  I do want to be clear on one thing...

I have missed you all soooooooo very, very much!!!  Do not be mistaken, breaks are nice and I enjoy having some time to myself, but I have really not gone a moment without one of you on my mind...I just miss you so much!!  You brighten my life and it's not the same when you're not around!

With that said, I cannot wait to see you on Monday and I especially cannot wait to hear about how you spent your Spring Break and time away from your classmates and your dear ol' teacher :)

Mrs. T.

PS, Have your story did you spend YOUR break?!?

Here's how I spent mine...
South Carolina
shopping in SC...

shopping  everywhere!

enjoying life in the south...
soaking up the sunshine
reading while in the sunshine

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