Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today is a FULL MOON!  Can you tell?  I sure could...it felt like everyone had the crazies today!
Happy Tuesday Gents and Judies!  Today was a busy day with MAP testing.  MAP testing is a norm referenced test that gives your student a score.  This score is used for everything from grouping to showing what skills your student has mastery of, to showing what skills need more focus upon.  Before going, we went over the students' scores from the Spring 2011 test and then set our goals.

This morning was also orchestra which puts a big curve in our schedule since we have so many gone and we had a RESET friend as well so it was CRAZY hectic in here and we only had the chance to work on the Word Work rotation of our reading groups before leaving to MAP test at 9:30.  Several students did incredibly well on this test and I'm so proud of them for setting a goal and attaining it...way to go, friends!!!

PM activities:
Since we had MAP testing in the morning and were unable to have Science with Ms. Frederick and I didn't want us to get ahead (of Ms. Frederick's class, since I normally have math with them in the mornings) in math, we practiced with the CPS clickers on Study Island.  Try it out at home!  I had your student write down his/her login in the planner.
HOMEWORK: STUDY Vocabulary words - test is FRIDAY (Sept. 16th)!

  • Parent Night is TOMORROW NIGHT from 6-7.  Please make plans to attend!
  • HIGH ATTENDANCE DAY is this Thursday (September 15th). 
  • MAP testing continues for us NEXT Tuesday (Sept. 20).  Please make sure to not schedule any doctor's office visits or appointments that morning as it is difficult to find time to squeeze in makeups and will have your student missing valuable instruction time in order to do so.

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