Monday, September 19, 2011


Happy Manic Monday, all!  I tell you what, maybe it's just me, but it is even tougher to get going on a glooooomy, Monday...isn't it?!?  Blah blah, but it's OVER! 

We began studying contractions which are pairs of words combined with an apostrophe.  Students got to play a memory match game with their success partner where they matched up the root words with the contractions that they form. 
HOMEWORK: complete BOTH side of contractions worksheet for further practice of this skill at home.

This week, our concept of focus is setting which is WHERE and WHEN a story takes place.  Our story this weeks takes place in the great city of New York, so we discussed the setting of the city but listening to "Empire State of Mind", analyzing the lyrics, and then watching the State Farm commercial with kids singing the lyrics.  Next, we looked for clues to the setting in the story.
HOMEWORK: Make sure you have read up to chapter SEVEN (7) in your group's chapter book.

Students were able to look at and work with soil with Ms. Frederick and got to use the CPS clickers.  We had quite a few reteaches and reminders for our off-task behavior, talking, and respect so we did not get to participate in all of the fun activities Ms. Frederick had planned for us.  I sure hate hearing reports like that :(

To complete our ESTIMATION AND ROUNDING unit, we completed our ASSESSMENT that we began on Friday.  The completion of this assessment entailed finishing an ORQ.  The students were patient and worked really well!
HOMEWORK: none, but are you ready to start our NEW unit on Factors and Multiples tomorrow?!?  HINT: Practice those multiplication facts!!!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow!
Mrs. Thomas
**We have MATH MAP Testing tomorrow!
**Students need to earn 10 tickets in order to be qualified for Lunch Bunch on Friday.
**Please turn in RED candy letter sheets for 4H Camp!  (These show HOW MANY candy bars you are willing to sell to help with your cost for camp - $40)

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