Monday, September 12, 2011

Bob's Adventures with Quayveon

Quayveon and I had an awesome weekend because I got to go to his football game!  Quayveon's football team, the Bearcats, beat the Packers 35-0.  They "licked" them! (Did you hear me use one of your vocabulary words?!? I have never been to a real football game!  I was in awe of all of the rules, equipment, and excitement!  Especially mesmerizing to me was the uniforms with the shoulder pads and helmets and then real live tackling!  Ouch!  Doesn't that hurt?!?  Quayveon's football team is awesome!  I may be a football rookie, but I know that 35-0 is an amazing score!  I hear the UK Wildcats are playing this weekend, and I'm dying to go!  I'm a new football fan!!  Woooooo Hoooooooo!!!!


PS, Quayveon's really good!


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