Monday, September 19, 2011

Bob's Adventures with Ashley 9.12.11 - 9.15.11

I had a lot of fun with Ashley. I was so glad she took me home. She gave me a tour of her house. She introduced me to her family members and pets. She is a nice girl. She took me to her mom's work. Then we went to the Southland Bowling Center to watch her dad bowl on his bowling league every Monday. Ashley always took me to school. I went to specials,lunch,recess,to go see Buster,and having class with her. When we got home, I helped her do her chores and homework. After,doing chores and homework, we played on her PS3. We played a game called Little Big  Planet. It was so much fun. We played on the computer together. We went on YouTube. Ashley taught me how to walk backwards,run,and fly. It was fun.

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