Thursday, September 22, 2011


Good afternoon all -

Today was quite a different type of day because we had such a rough report from the substitute yesterday.  I was at a training all day with the other 3 4th grade teachers when I was met with emails from Mr. Kirk, Ms. Warren, and Mr. K, all about the craziness that was taking place in my classroom and from my students in and around the school. 
I had to admit, in all my years of teaching, I have never had a report even close to what we got yesterday so today, the students had much reteaching and no privileges. On a happy note, I would like to thank our friends Hayden, Daisy, Kiyah, Tyler, Quayveon, and Ashley for getting GLOWING reports from the substitute and being named role models by their peers for leading by example with excellent behavior and selflessness towards others.  These friends were able to visit all day with other classes (Mrs. Butler's or Ms. Schrader's) instead of dealing with consequences here in our room.  I hate to hear that so many of our other friends were unable to show our Deep Springs Pride and exhibit examplary examples of our expectations. While unfortunately no fun, I hope today and tomorrow will be lessons learned.

On a different note, today was also Tori's birthday!  Poor gal, we did not get to "party it up" in the usual fashion and production that I like on my students' birthday.  However, her awesome mother did show up with thoughtful and wonderful gifts for our sweet girl!
Our Birthday Girl!
Please remember that no matter what, I always love you!
Mrs. Thomas

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