Thursday, September 29, 2011


Ahhhh!!!  I have not been the best blogger this week and I am so very sorry about that!  I promise that next week, I'll be much better!

Today was PICTURE DAY!  All students arrived looking fantastic and super snazzy!  I think our pictures will turn out great :)

Today was also orchestra day which really cuts into our reading and writing instruction time.  Thus, we got started on Reading and Writing at 8:45, instead of 8, so we were quite a bit behind schedule.  Then, we had to cut it short a bit because of pictures at 10, so in the actual instruction time, we worked on identifying events in a story and finding details to support the events. 

Next, we read through a story entitled, How Mowgli Became a Part of the Wolf Family.  The students then went through the text and highlighted significant happenings in the story and then used colored pencils to underline supporting details.  Afterwards, we worked on "Multiple Choice Magic Tricks" for taking a multiple choice test and then answered an Open Response question.  The students really enjoyed this story!

PM activities:
since we are ahead of other classes in Math and missed Science instruction today, I went over the students' previous Science assessment and completed a review powerpoint with them for Ms. Frederick.
HOMEWORK: study science notebook notes and last test for assessment tomorrow

Then, we had time to take a timed multiplication quiz and practice some factor trees and factor rainbows.  While challenging, the students are really enjoying this skill!
HOMEWORK: complete a timed multiplication quiz with an adult at home.  The adult MUST sign the quiz completed in class AND the one completed at home!

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