Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hello all and happy last day of November!  Tomorrow is DECEMBER and well, only 31 days left in 2011....ahhhh!!!

We are working on CONTEXT CLUES which is finding the meaning of a word in a passage by reading the clues found in the sentence in which it is used.  We watched a fun video/ song that you can view HERE to get us excited about our skill of focus. The students are doing terrific with this concept!  We completed two practice pages in class and they have another for homework if it was not finished in Word Work.
HOMEWORK: Complete practice page with Exercises 2, 3, and 4.

To practice with main idea, we read a passage about "Log Cabins" and discussed topic sentences of passages and paragraphs and how they can clue us into identifying the main idea of a nonfiction passage.  Students also got to get into groups and continue with practicing this skill of focus. 
HOMEWORK: complete "Main Idea" worksheet and rest of word practice for Exercises 2, 3, and 4.

Students again got to work with different types of soil and discover their properties.

We really got cookin' with division today in MATH!  We learned how to divide by 1, 10, and 100!
HOMEWORK: none so far, but we're mooooovin' right along!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and remember that I love you greatly!
Mrs. Thomas
Christmas is 25 days away!
Our Winter Break begins after 12 more school days!
Kwanzaa is 26 days from today
Hanukkah begins in 20 days

New Years Eve is 31 days from today!

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