Thursday, March 31, 2011


Happy last day of March!!!  Tomorrow is our last day of school before Spring Break (and I'm not fooling!!!).  Get it??

Zach (from Ms. Foster's class) brought in owl cookies for a snack and he (of course) had to bring me some.  L.O.V.E. it!!!
Abby Lou made a diorama for her group's chapter book, Tuck Everlasting, and presented it to the class; it was GREAT!  I'm very impressed she made this on her own without prompting; she definitely went above and beyond!

We continued our peer scoring of our ORQs that we wrote on Tuesday and began scoring yesterday.  Today, our comments on "post-its" were removed and the ORQ was given to another peer to score.  Then, all comments and post-its were reapplied onto the one sheet and given back to the student so he or she could have two sets of opinion and much feedback.  It was also interesting to see how "spot on" a lot of the students were as they gave almost all of the exact same comments and scores without seeing what the first student had said.  It was cool!  Now, with the feedback from their peers,the students are rewriting their ORQs with great knowledge and understanding of how to use a scoring guide and the task at hand.
HOMEWORK: FINISH spelling packets and... FINISH reading of group's chapter book by tomorrow and take an AR test on it BEFORE dismissal.

Students turned in their quizzes from last night's homework.  Then, we took another quiz over fractions with a tougher ORQ so I can really assess where we stand with fractions, what needs to be re-emphasized, and where we go from here (kind of like my roadmap!). 
HOMEWORK: none tonight :)

PM activities:
we have an On-Demand due to Ms. Borders by tomorrow so we worked on those this afternoon.  Students could choose from one about changing up the school menu from pizza every week, or another about a school president.  We are really growing along our writing journey!

Spring Break starts at 2:35 tomorrow!!!
Mrs. Thomas  

PS, Here's the pictures from yesterday that I could not get uploaded!
Daniel with his cabbage

Abby-Lou enjoying her reward of getting to sit at my desk

Alyssa doing her reward (with Tabi-Cat as a helper).  Her reward was "teaching time" where she got to have time to teach us anything she wanted.  She taught us, "The Shark Song".  So cute!

Alyssa and her "teaching assistant" :)

action shot!

Micah GREEN is wearing GREEN!  :)

Tabitha and her book report!
 ...AND...some extra pics:

Are YOU ready for Saturday?!?  I'm sooooo nervous!

At my nephew's school, they're celebrating READING week so yesterday, they were to dress up as their favorite book character.  He was "Sloppy Joe" from the book, Sloppy Joe.  Have YOU read that book??  It's so cute, and well, he really looks the part!  haha!

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