Monday, March 12, 2012


Good Monday afternoon, all!  I hope I find you well and wonderful and not too tired after "springing forward" an hour this weekend!  Our kiddos were absolute ZOMBIES this morning...I literally felt like I was having to put on a dog and pony show to catch and keep their attention.  It was sad :(
On a different note, YAAAAAYAYAYAYAAAAY for our Kentucky Wildcats getting the overall NUMBER ONE seed in the NCAA tournament!  This is my absolute very most favorite time of the year!  I love, love, loooooove it!  How can you be in a bad mood during this great time?!?  I hope this is the year we bring home national title number 8!!!  I was telling the kids, the last time we won, I was going into high school and it was years before they were born!  We are due for another!
We reviewed identifying the main idea of an informational text and finding details within that text to support our reasoning.  And, we got some fun practice by playing THIS GAME.

Next, we moved on to the skill of identifying an author's opinion about a topic.  This is important because as readers, we need to be able to recognize how an author feels about a subject and how they express these beliefs and opinions.  We read several articles and practiced identifying how the author felt about the topic and finding details within the text to support this reasoning.
HOMEWORK: we will NOT be having Vocabulary words this week because of our mock KPREP test this Wednesday and Thursday in preparation/ practice for our upcoming Spring tests.  There is NO homework otherwise for this evening.

We began our new unit which is DECIMALS!  Decimals are all around us as we see them in our grades, advertisements, money, etc.  They relate to fractions because they are part of a whole.
HOMEWORK: none for MY math class; WORKBOOK pages 1 & 2 for Ms. Frederick's math class.

With Ms. Frederick, students got to work in centers and use our AWESOME iPads to reinforce practice with sound energy!!!  When I came back to the room, they had an EXCELLENT report for behavior so I was super happy!  I love getting GREAT reports!

We worked on sorting through our research about our person for the Living Wax Museum projects.  Students are learning so much about their person and it is so wonderful seeing their interest and fascination as they become a living wax representation of these famous Kentuckians!

  • Class pictures are TOMORROW (please bring money and forms by then and look super pretty!)
  • KPREP practice tests are THIS Wednesday and Thursday (please come to school well rested and on a full tummy - unless you get breakfast here!)
  • We DO NOT have school THIS Friday, March 16th
  • Conference Night is Thursday, March 22nd.  Please schedule a time to meet with me so I can review your child's report card with you and go over progress from our last conference.  I feel it is even more imperative that we meet since I will be leaving for maternity leave very soon!
  • SPRING BREAK is 13 school days away (after today!)

Have a marvelous Monday!
Mrs. Thomas

This combines two things I LOVE: Seinfeld (TV show) and UK basketball...hahaha!

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