Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Happy Tuesday, friends!  Boy, was it a BEAUTIFUL day or what?!?  I can't wait to grill out something delicious for dinner...how about you?!?  What kind of mood does this awesome weather put you in?!?  We only have two more school days in this week! (No school Friday...remember?!?)

We worked on identifying an author's opinion and finding details within the text to support it.  Students had quite a bit of independent practice with this skill.
HOMEWORK: none for my reading class - but tomorrow is our practice KPREP test that we will be running like the test later in the Spring!  In Mr. Harman's reading class, students must finish: "Buckle Up", "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?", "Art Crime 2", "Independent Practice" sheet, and a comprehension sheet to catch up on any incomplete activities from the previous weeks.

We finished working with tenths in decimals.  Tomorrow, we will begin working with hundredths.
HOMEWORK: WORKBOOK pages 1-4 in MY math class; and pages 3-4 in Ms. Frederick's math class.

With Ms. Frederick, students worked together on an ERQ about sound energy and then peer scored each other's.

Because of a meeting Ms. Schrader had, we had a FULL class in writing today!  We utilized that time to go through our research and put it into our Living Wax Information Booklets.  Students are learning so much about their people they're researching!

There is NO school THIS Friday (March 16th!)
Tomorrow is our practice KPREP assessment for reading
Schedule a conference with me for conference night on March 22nd.  All times are open except for 3:15 as I had my first scheduled today (thanks for being so diligent!)
Spring Break is 12 school days from today!

Have a tremendous Tuesday!
Mrs. Thomas

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