Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Whew!  I feel like it's been forever since I've had a post on here...and it has!  Last Friday?!?  Eeeeek!  I know we had the storms on Friday, then the weekend, then a SNOW DAY on Monday (seriously, how crazy is good ol' Mother Nature right now?!!?), and then I was out yesterday due to illness.  I cannot believe we're already on Wednesday of this week!  I hope all of your loved ones are safe and sound and were not affected by the tragedy that took place Friday in many areas close to us.  I will continue to pray for everyone affected!  As far as the snow day...we FINALLY got one!  I hope you had a chance to get out and play in sure was beautiful while it lasted!  And now we're supposed to get into the upper 60s today?!?  I tell you what, that Mother Nature sure is one crazy gal!

We played catch-up!  With our snow day Monday and me out yesterday, we have some ground to cover.  Yesterday, with Ms. Collins, (the sub - who is also my long-term sub!) the students revisited the skill of fact and opinion.  Today, we revisited identifying the main idea of nonfiction texts and using details from that text to support it. 
HOMEWORK: Exercises 3 & 4 (Vocab); and Main Idea reading practice worksheet (front AND back)

We reviewed all of our fractions skills because we will be moving on to decimals by the end of the week!  YAY! 
HOMEWORK: MY CLASS AND MS. FREDERICK'S MATH CLASS (BOTH) --> complete fractions packet from class (it is a review and is to help in preparation for our BIG fractions test tomorrow!)

With Ms. Frederick, students worked on sound.  They watched THIS VIDEO and then used Science books to read about sound and answer coinciding questions.

Since it is "Read Across America" week (in honor of Dr. Seuss) it was requested that the students have extended D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) time to focus on their reading.  We utilized our writing time as reading time today and had 40+ minutes of calm, silent, and focused reading.  It was peaceful and pleasant!

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!  Tomorrow is HAT day!!! 
Mrs. Thomas

Class Pictures are NEXT TUESDAY (March 13th).
There is NO SCHOOL NEXT FRIDAY (March 16th)

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