Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's Wednesday :)

Hello!!  I hope you're having a fantastic Wednesday. 

Today in reading we continued to work on identifying character traits.  We read 2 passages and identified the main characters traits.  During small groups, students are reading a new book beginning this week.  We are also working on identifying character traits in ourselves and writing a story about our traits :)

Students should complete "The Night Before".  This is a reading passage and then there are questions on the back to complete.

In math today we took our decimals test.  We've been learning about decimals the last few weeks and tested over what we had learned. 


In writing we are continuing our living wax project.  Today students will see other students who are giving speeches on a famous person and begin working on their own speeches.  This is a fun project we are looking forward to having families involved in as well!

Thank you! Enjoy your day!

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