Friday, March 2, 2012


It's a stormy Friday Gents and Judies!  I hope everyone stayed safe and dry through our rainy day :)  Guess who had car rider duty this afternoon?!?  Ahhhh...memories :)  hahaha!

We took our final assessment over point-of-view and sources (primary and secondary).  The students had quite a whopper of an assessment so we gave them plenty of time to do their best!  Once finished, I allowed the students from my reading class to finish putting together their presentations for their Wright Brothers' Projects.
HOMEWORK: none.  Next week, we will be using LESSON 13 from Wordly Wise...check it out over the weekend if you get a chance!

We reviewed and worked on some of our fractions concepts since many students feel that all of this fraction hubba-ma-jubb is running together...ahhhhhh...we don't want THAT to happen!

We had early dismissal due to the inclement weather we are expecting this afternoon. 

We were going to begin going over our our Living Wax Museum research project and looking at formulating good questions to guide our research, but Fayette County called for Early dismissal!  Some information regarding the projects though...

Over the next several weeks before Spring Break, students will be selecting a famous Kentuckian to research and learn about in order to emulate them in a final presentation dubbed, "the Living Wax Museum".  We will be presenting these wax sculptures (the students dressed up and impersonating their person, giving a detailed account of important parts of their life throughout Kentucky's history) on Thursday, April 12th.
HOMEWORK: please review your student's choice and begin discussing some history involving that person. A good home to school connection will be more than imperative throughout the course of this assignment!

Have a terrific weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

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