Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!!

Hello!!  I am Ms. Collins, I will be substituting for Mrs. Thomas for the remainder of the year.  She needs to stay home and take care of herself before baby Jack arrives.  I have substituted for this class several times before and look forward to getting to know each of your students better!

Today we reviewed expectations.  With the transition I wanted your student to know what I expect from them and wanted to get to know your student better!  I look forward to a fantastic remainder of the school year.  If you all need to get in touch with me for any reason feel free to call the school and we will make time to chat :)
Today in READING we are working on finding the theme of a story, drama or poem.  Finding the theme of a story is when you find the central moral or lesson. 

Worksheet that is called "The Guide"

MATH:  We continue to work on comparing and ordering decimals, and completing a decimal pattern.



We worked on getting information from our research.



The student are continuing their unit over Force and Motion with Ms. Frederick.


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