Thursday, March 1, 2012


RABBITS, RABBITS, RABBITS...HAPPY MARCH EVERYONE!!!  Did you know there's only 20 school days left until spring break?!?  Whooaaaaa, Nellie!

Students were able to piece together their poster for their Wright Brothers' Project.  This included showing: a comparison of two sources and identifying the most reliable; a t-chart detailing all 7 sources; a historical narrative about the Wright Brothers; a brochure about their planes; and various other components.  They did a SENSATIONAL job and everyday I am absolutely WOWed by their amazing capabilities and successes!
HOMEWORK: STUDY for Vocabulary test TOMORROW. 

We reviewed multiplying fractions and finding fractions of a set.
Remember, when finding fractions OF a set, you are multiplying (the clue word 'OF' should signal you to multiply).  To multiply a fraction you (using the example 1/2 x 8):
1) Make the whole number into a fraction (8 becomes 8/1).
2) Line up the fractions side by side so the numerators are next to each other and the denominators are next to each other as well (1/2 x 8/1).
3) Multiply straight across to make a fraction product (so, 1 x 8 = 8; and 2 x 1 = 2). The resulting fraction is now an improper fraction which is 8/2.
4) Convert fraction product (8/2) to a mixed number by seeing how many times the denominator goes into the numerator (2 goes into 8, 4 times, so the simplified product is 4).
HOMEWORK: complete #s 1-15 on worksheet administered in class (MY MATH CLASS); NONE for Ms. Frederick's class. 

With Ms. Frederick, students watched THIS VIDEO about sound and then completed a fun activity on the SMARTBoard dealing with pitch and vibration.

We worked on some creative writing as we are putting our personal narratives "to bed" for a while since we are beginning our Living Wax Museum Projects/ Reports tomorrow.

Have a thrilling March 1st!
Mrs. Thomas

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