Thursday, March 8, 2012


Happy Thursday, all! 

Students worked on completing their "airing out our opinions" t-shirts that we began yesterday.  In this, they read 4 different articles and chose one in which they developed an opinion, then made up a slogan for their opinions and put it on a t-shirt (a paper one) that we will hang up on a clothesline in the classroom.  They also participated in a "fact and opinion scavenger hunt" where they went through Scholastic News and found examples of facts and opinions and put them on a t-chart.
HOMEWORK: complete "Viva Cinco de Mayo" vocab word study, AND complete Main Idea Practice2 sheet (both sides)

Students took their summative (final) assessment over fractions!  It was a doozie but many did well!

With Ms. Frederick, students watched THIS VIDEO and then discussed elements of sound such as frequency and amplitude.  They got to a fun activity where they used rulers on their desks to examine vibrations.  So cool!

Many students needed to finish their ERQs for the fraction test so I allowed my class to do that while others did some creative writing.  Then, we worked on going through our booklets for our Living Wax Museum projects.  Look for information to be coming home about these TONIGHT!
HOMEWORK: discuss living wax museum topic with parents.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Mrs. Thomas

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