Monday, September 10, 2012


Manic Monday folks!  Why are Mondays always so tough?!?  Ahhh!

We watched THIS video from BrainPopJr to review concepts of addition and then practiced with the properties as we were working on on Thursday and Friday of last week.  Also, see the video about the ASSOCIATIVE property and the video about the COMMUTATIVE property by clicking the capitalized names! We also made human representations of the commutative and associative properties as a means of bringing these concepts to life.  Finally, we did some independent practice on an activity sheet.
HOMEWORK: complete "Add it Up" sheet

With Mr. Featherston, our students began reading, My Rows and Piles of Coins which is in the genre of realistic fiction.  Students reviewed the vocabulary words for the text and started working on the skills of the week which is identifying character and setting.  They also started looking at creating, understanding, and using compound sentences for Grammar.
HOMEWORK: complete green sheet from class.

Spelling words this week are:
rocket    pocket    hold    told 
often    grow    throne    so    sew 
most    almost    both    coach    open    also
WORDS OF THE WEEK: character    setting

Groups reread the story from reading classes.
HOMEWORK: reread story with adult at home for reading logs/ minutes.

PM activities:
We reviewed DAILY 5, had independent reading time, and discussed a new thing for our class entitled "Classroom Nation".

Have a marvelous Monday evening!
Mrs. Thomas

Important dates:
Sept. 10: PTO Meeting
Sept. 18: statewide HIGH attendance day
Sept. 26: Fall Pictures
Oct. 8-12: Fall Break
Oct. 27: Haunted House at Garth (6-9PM)
Nov. 6: Election Day, No School

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