Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hello all!  I hope I find you well on this thrilling Thursday!  Tomorrow is FRiiiiiiiiDAY....YAAAAAY! 
While Thursday is typically a day of rejoicing (it IS almost Friday afterall), we did not have much to rejoice over today...we had 15 (yes...15!!!) students not complete all, or some of their homework assignments.  Yikes.  No bueno.  We had a very in-depth and LARGE discussion over responsibility as 3rd graders and being accountable for ourselves and our work.  As 3rd graders WE MUST be accountable for ourselves and for our work!  No exceptions and NO excuses!  Thus, the 9 students who did their homework and all parts of it, got Lunch Bunch, extra recess, and will receive homemade cookies from me tomorrow as an additional treat.  Doing the right thing sure is rewarding!

We continued to work on patterns as our Learning Target was: I can dientify and use equations and strategies for adding and subtracting within 1000.  We also looked at different patterns in addition through input/ output and functions.  "Functions" is a fancy word for RULE or PATTERN :)  Check out THIS cool input/ output machine so you can practice and have fun with them at home!
HOMEWORK: 1) input/ output worksheet
2) Create 6 input/ output tables of your own.  BE NICE, NEAT, & CREATIVE!

Students read through story, "My Rows and Piles of Coins" and reiterated the skills of the week with Mr. Featherston.
HOMEWORK: Study for spelling test, reading test, and grammar test!


Have a tremendous evening...tomorrow is a new day!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., This weekend, my alma mater (Western Kentucky University) plays the UK Wildcats at Commonwealth and I am so pumped to be able to go!!!  While I do LOVE to see my Hilltoppers pull out a win, I still just cannot have them win against my C-A-T-S.  I love my college, but I have lived in Lexington my ENTIRE life and well, that trumps 4 years of college!  GO CATS!  Who are you cheering for?!?

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