Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Happy Tuesday all!  I hope you've had a great day!  My oh my...how absolutely BEAUTIFUL is it?!?  Wowza!

Today, I discussed the significance of our date...the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our nation.  Students were very inquisitive and interested into how and why this happened and we talked about how it was and has been a very important date in our country's history.  I read them a book and then we watched a few kid-friendly videos so they could understand the impact on citizens of America as a whole.

We took a quiz over the properties of addition and then began practicing with a "take it to your seat center" about a number of the day.  This will reiterate the concept of place-value and encourage the students to continuously think about numbers.

Students continued reading the story, "My Rows and Piles of Coins" with Mr. Featherston
HOMEWORK: complete reading log for Tuesday and identify main character using 3 adjectives to describe him/ her

We talked about identifying setting and the clue words that can help us in doing so.  We then talked about describing characters and students got their new chapter books.
HOMEWORK: reading logs :)

Remember to do reading logs each night and have planners signed!
Picture Day is September 26th
Mrs. Thomas

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