Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guest Blogger: Chloe

On our HOMEWORKOPOLY game, Chloe landed on "Paragraph Place" which means she gets to write a silly story and be featured here on the blog. 
Thus, here's our gal!

There was a piece of gum. Hi! My name is Bubble... mostly, I get called "Gum".  Hey, I'm at school!  Hey, there's a (gym, class, library)... this is fun! Yah yah yah!  Hey, there's a pink tongue coming up to me... yah this is so exiting... yah!  Why is it dark? This is fun! Hey, am I on a waterslide because its wet wee!                                                                  

Chapter 2                 
"Hey  Chicken"
"Hey  Marshmallow!" 
Hey, they talked to me, yah!  Hey, I got green gooey stuff on my head...yah! This is the funnest water gooey slide ever!  Yah, I just said ever... yah!  Hey, I'm gonna climb up!  Hey I'm back to school... yah!
Hey, there's a (gym... class... library).  I'm back... yah!          

--2 months later--

I'm at the last day of school... yah!  I'm going to high school... yah! 

The End yah!                                                                                    

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