Friday, September 7, 2012


Happy Friday Gents and Judies!

I'm telling ya, this 4-day work week is no joke...I LOVE it!  ha! 

We continued working on the properties of addition (commutative, associative, identity) and completed some independent practice to assess our understanding thus far.  The students are doing well!
HOMEWORK: packet was sent home today!
ALSO, MR. FEATHERSTON'S CLASS ONLY: Complete the Wrong Answer Analysis for each missed problem of your test and correct mistakes.  Parents/ guardians, please sign and return these BY MONDAY!

Students took their spelling test with Mr. Featherston and they are already graded and ready to come home today.  Please be looking for those in your child's agenda.  The class also finished up their study of using context clues and summarizing using the story, "If you Made a Million..."
HOMEWORK: packet sent home today - AND weekend reading minutes.

Look for newsletters and other graded materials coming home today in your child's agenda!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

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