Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Happy Leap Day, everyone!  This day only occurs once every 4 years so it is a day to find joy in having an extra day of your life to celebrate!

We had a bit of a crazy afternoon because right when we were heading to lunch, we were told to get in the severe weather position in the hallway!  We only stayed there for about 20 minutes and then headed to lunch, but it affected our schedule for the rest of the day.  I reassured the students, that while it is scary having to take these precautions, it is for their safety and school is one of the safest places to be in the event of inclement weather (we ARE in a concrete structure and inside the building by NO exterior walls, afterall!).
Because of 4H, we began our day with math.  I reviewed our homework which was subtracting fractions from a whole number and then introduced a new concept: Multiplying Fractions. 
To multiply a fraction (let's use the example 1/2 x 8):
1) Make the whole number into a fraction (8 becomes 8/1).
2) Line up the fractions side by side so the numerators are next to each other and the denominators are next to each other as well (1/2 x 8/1).
3) Multiply straight across to make a fraction product (so, 1 x 8 = 8; and 2 x 1 = 2).  The resulting fraction is now an improper fraction which is 8/2.
4) Convert fraction product (8/2) to a mixed number by seeing how many times the denominator goes into the numerator (2 goes into 8, 4 times, so the simplified product is 4).
HOMEWORK: "Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers" sheet - BOTH SIDES (MY CLASS); pages 159 - 160 in workbooks for Ms. Frderick's math class.

We had 4H from 9 - 10 and learned about the effects that drugs and alcohol have on our bodies.

Because of inappropriate behavior during reading groups yesterday, students had to work independently today on their Wright Brothers' Projects.  In class, they completed their historical narratives (reports) on the Wright Brothers using the primary and secondary sources they've had for the past week and a half.
HOMEWORK: Vocabulary Comprehension reading passage and questions; and "Primary & Secondary Sources" worksheet.

With success partners, students looked over a new chapter in their Science books and addressed the coinciding questions.

No writing today due to readjusting our schedule to fit in Science after our tornado warning.

Have a lovely LEAP night!  See you on March 1st!
Mrs. Thomas

TONIGHT is the APL parent workshop and the Bullying Information Night immediately after!  Please make plans to attend!
MARCH 13TH is class picture day.  If you are interested in buying one, please have money back to me to turn in by then.

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