Thursday, August 14, 2014

8.14.14 - Day ONE

Hello all!  Day ONE is IN the books!  I want you to know how very, very much I am enjoying this group of students!  I most definitely have a whole class of great ones and I am thrilled beyond belief to be your esteemed leader!  I think it is going to be one sensationally magnificent year!!!

Today we did a lot of community building and introductory activities as we become acquainted with each other and our year as 5th grade students.  We reviewed expectations and will continue to do so tomorrow as well to set the precedent for a wonderful year.  One important activity from our day today was discussing what the students hope to see in a good teacher and then we brainstormed and compiled a list of what makes a good student.  We then compared the lists and it was fascinating to see how many things matched up!  We most definitely have high expectations for each other and I do believe that that is the key to a successful year as we adhere to them.


TOMORROW (Friday, 8.15.14) we have parish mass at 8:15. 
TUESDAY (8.19.14) is our RESOURCE DAY.  This means that the students can wear their P.E. clothes as they will be attending all of their resource classes in ONE day.
THURSDAY (8.21.14) School Mass
THURSDAY (8.21.14) Back to School Night grades 2-5.  We will be going over our yearly syllabus and other important information for the school year with Mrs. Schleg and myself.

Have a wonderful evening!  I can't wait to see you tomorrow!
Mrs. Thomas

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