Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8.26.14 - Day NINE

Hello all and what a terrific Tuesday it has been - it's RESOURCE DAY!!!  We all love resource day because the students get to do fun stuff in the classes they really LOVE and the teachers?  Well, let's just say that Mrs. Thomas gets A LOT done!

You may be wondering how I spend my time on these fabulous Resource Days?  Well, first, I schedule any meetings on these days which includes meeting with parents/ families as well as other teachers around the building.  I even meet with the 4th grade teachers to ensure we are all on board with the same concepts and are utilizing all of the resources we have to offer each other!  I love hearing their awesome stories about you from last year, you all are so fun!

Next, Mrs. Schleg and I always meet to go over notes, field trips, happenings, and everything in between in the inner workings of 5th grade.

...and the rest of my day is spent PLANNING, PLANNING, PLANNING.  I plan all of my lessons for the next week.  I start with reading and then work my way through language arts and math.  Then, I make all of my copies for the next week to ensure I am most prepared!
Here is an example of just one day's (in this case, it's a longer lesson, so it'll take two days instead of one) lesson plan.  I plan a lesson like this for every day in every subject!  Thus, you can see how it takes a while...huh?!?

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my Tuesdays/ Resource Days...a Day in the Life of Teacher with some free-plan time, if you will :)

Also, today, I set up all of our EdModo groups.  Please make sure you have logged on and on ready to roll with this awesome system!  

Have a terrific Tuesday evening!
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