Thursday, August 28, 2014

8.28.14 - Day ELEVEN

Pick-a-little, talk-a-little A LOT...the story of our lives around here!  Seriously... it IS OUT. OF. CONTROL.  We had to have a BIG "come to Jesus" meeting about this this afternoon and are working on a solution together to deter the incessant need to talk.  Class meeting is tomorrow so I'm anxious to see how we'll problem solve this TOGETHER!

Today, Father Terry discussed our physical gifts (like speaking, tasting, hearing, jumping, etc.) and how we can utilize them in worshiping Christ and setting a good example of our beliefs through Him. It was a wonderful message for the students to  think about their reverence, respect, and fellowship with others as they lead a Christian lifestyle.  

We continued working on our studies of Main Idea. (Click HERE for the Main Idea song from class). We discussed extra steps and strategies for determining the main idea through the concept of Questioning since it is such a complex process and tough to pull out if we're not sure where to start.  Here are the strategies/ points we discussed in class that I recorded as note on the SMARTboard:

When using these two methods as an approach/ beginning to determining the main idea, suddenly the concept becomes clearer and easier to identify.  I especially love deciding on a topic/ subject of a text because the main idea ALWAYS stems from there and follows suit.
We practiced the skill through a passage entitled, "Log Cabins" and found the topic of each paragraph and then branched out to find the main idea.

HOMEWORK: complete "Log Cabins" organizer

Learning Target: I can read and write decimals, with values greater than 1, in word and standard forms.
Decimal Song
Here are the answers to the workbook page 3 homework from last night:

As we learn about decimals, it is important to note where we see decimals in our daily lives.  It is also important to note how a misplaced decimal can hinder many things and make a mess out of much! We looked at decimals in different places of numbers and how it changed the value of those numbers.
HOMEWORK: complete, "Understanding Decimals in the Real-World" sheet

HOMEWORK: complete Edmodo assignment for Mrs. Schleg



I hope you have a blessed evening!  Tomorrow is FRIIIIIDAY, yay!!!  AND, a long weekend...waaahooooo!!!

Mrs. Thomas

P.S. Don't forget, MONDAY is LABOR DAY!!!  NO school!  And TUESDAY is RESOURCE DAY...wear gym clothes!!!

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