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8.25.14 - Day EIGHT

Hello my party people!  We have a special treat... as 5th graders, I feel it is a doable exercise in responsibility to have a student be a blogger for the week. They will not always be recapping like I do, but can add little tidbits here and there onto my posts, on the topics of their choosing.  I am so excited to have "guest posters" here in my little virtual world and can't wait to see/ hear all the extra special happenings, thoughts, musings, and "stuff" going on in and around 5th grade.  This week, our blogger is Mary.  Today, she is recapping our day, but other days you may see her talking about something really random- it's her choice and I'm happy with her effort and input!  You will see MARY's writings in one font like this and anything I may add to her already phenomenal job in a different font like this usual one you already see daily.  Hope you enjoy!  Oh, and don't forget, tomorrow is RESOURCE DAY!!!

Hi guys! It's Mary here, and I'm our class blogger for the week! I am super excited to share with you about our amazing class! First I will tell you about our day.

For parents: I'm Mary Favier, a student in Mrs. Thomas' class, and I will be blogging all week long!

In literature (a.k.a. reading) we focused on the main idea and it's details to support it. We read two very interesting passages; one about Venus, and the other about Penguins! Our learning target in Literature for the day: I can identify the stated main idea in a paragraph and details to support it.

Here is an awesome game to check out.  This is the game we played in class!
Click HERE for the Main Idea song we listened to in class as well :)
Homework: Complete "What's the main idea" organizer!


Learning Target: I can read and write decimals through the thousandths in words and standard form.
Students worked on the concept of there being numbers less than one...which is quite mind-boggling!  All their lives up until this point (and some in 4th grade), they have been told to start counting at 0 with the number 1.  And now?  Now, we tell them that numbers go on infinitely to the right of a tiny little place holder called a decimal point?  Yowza!  It's a tough concept to grasp onto, but we began our studies today.  I like to relay to the students to always put it in money form because that is our most experience with decimals.  Pennies and dimes are perfect examples of hundredths and tenths and being part of a whole.  They make up parts of a whole dollar and take several of each to make 1.  This was the focus of our practice today- introducing these concepts and ideals and working on some area-specific vocabulary words.  Here are some notes we did on the SMARTboard today.  PLEASE excuse my foul handwriting; it is NOT the best (nor the easiest to do) on a sometimes squirrel-y virtual board :)

Also, here is super silly the Decimals song we listened to today

HOMEWORK: we did not practice enough with these concepts in class to assign work to do independently yet- HOWEVER, I did ask the students to jot down any decimals they see or hear this evening AND to play a few of these decimal games (I'm such a mean teacher!  I mean, play computer games for homework?!?Yikes, poor kids) :)

Homework: Complete questions 1-5 on page 60 of textbook.


Homework: none

Special Announcements:
Tomorrow is Resource Day!!! Remember to wear gym clothes!

Mary's Spot:
"Have faith in everything, it makes all things possible!"
Hi guys! Tomorrow is Resource Day and I am super excited! My favorite subject on Resource day is P.E. because I LOVE SPORTS!!!!! Sorry I'm not posting much today... I'm in a rush. But, just for fun, if you want, we can have a class vote tomorrow on which subject is our favorite on Resource Day! Write it on a post-it note or any piece of paper and bring it in tomorrow!

We hope everyone has a marvelous Monday evening!  The Emmys are on :)
Mrs. Thomas

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