Friday, August 15, 2014

8.15.14 - Day TWO

Hello Gents and Judies!  I hope I am finding you well and wonderful on this absolutely fantastic Friday!  We had more of the same community building and getting to know you activities today here up in the 5T classroom of 236.  I just need to reiterate again how much I love my sweet babes in this class!  We have such a fun, animated, spunky, intelligent group and I just feel so blessed to be able to lead them through the year.

St. Bernadette Liturgy:
We attended the St. Bernadette Liturgy this morning with the church parishioners and I must say, I could NOT be more impressed with our cuties!  They were so polite, so mannerly, so attentive, and so well behaved!  It made my heart smile and beam with pride and joy!  Yaaaay!  Gooooo us! I am really looking forward to more masses together in the future.

Ranking Survival Supplies
This was a very need activity where I had students imagine they were off on a jet plane, going on the trip of a lifetime when it suddenly crashed into the ocean (no worries, all on board survived!) and had to rank a list of survival supplies I gave them based on usefulness.  I had them work in small groups of 3 to rank them together and then independently.  We ran out of time before lunch to go over these supplies to rank them once more, so we will have to do that Monday morning.  I love this activity because it IS community building and forces us to work together in a creative setting, but with realistic concepts and materials.  Students really had to use their imaginations and practicality all in one and they had a great time in doing so! See the pics below :)

Math Pre-Assessment:
I had the students complete a pre-assessment for the year in mathematics.  This was not for a grade, but more for me to see what skills they've already mastered.  I'd sure hate to teach them something they already know how to do; that'd be a waste of time, right?!?

Typically, I do NOT give homework over the weekends and this is not homework, per say- I gave the students to option to complete this activity or not, but if they chose "no", they will have to complete it first thing Monday morning.  It is a puzzle activity for a bulletin board in our classroom under the theme, "Individually unique, Together complete".  Each student completes a puzzle piece and then we put it back together to show how each piece is different and  unique to a student, but altogether, we are whole and make one AWESOME class, if I do say so myself!

What needs to be on the puzzle piece:
*3 hobbies
*3 favorite foods
*a short description about yourself

Most importantly, be creative, be colorful, be Y-O-U!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

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