Monday, December 15, 2014

12.15.14 - Day EIGHY - ONE

Hey there & happy Monday afternoon before Christmas break! Just 4 more days until an exciting Christmas break!! I know the kids are ready for it! We have a NEW blogger for this week (Isabelle)! We let her pick which job she would like to have this week since this is her last week with us :( We will miss her sweet face so so much! 

So if you haven't guessed yet, this is Ms. Ray blogging (for the first time) ;) I'm going to do my very best to keep things exactly the way they are for Mrs. Thomas while she is gone. I'm so excited to be blogging with all the families while I'm here! I know I've already met some of you, but I'm trilled to get to know everyone! 

Our Christmas party is from 10:45-11:45 this Friday morning…the kids are allowed to wear red or green Christmas sweatshirts/ sweaters with jeans. Friday is also a 12:00 dismissal day…woohoo!!

Mrs. Thomas and I talked about READING PROJECTS yesterday afternoon. If your student is finished with their reading books by THIS Thursday, their book projects will be due January 15, 2014. As always, they will pick what they would like to do for a project so they can work on it over Christmas break. If students are NOT finished with their books by THIS Thursday, then their projects will be due January 22, 2014. They should finish reading it over Christmas break. 

I'm so excited for the Christmas party on Friday & am praying that Mrs. Thomas will be able to make it!! 

Today we did some Winter Writing Prompts from our Advent Calendar…we will start back with Literature Circles on Wednesday. 
HOMEWORK: finish reading books.

1.) I CAN find the factors of a number. 2.) I CAN identify prime and composite numbers. 3.) I CAN find the prime factorization of numbers. 
I introduces this new Fraction Sense unit to the classes on Friday. Today we did a review over what we learned by going over important definitions & several examples of each of our I CAN statements. We all took notes in our Math notebooks together. On Friday the classes watched a few introductory videos & completed a few practice worksheets.
HOMEWORK: Three practice worksheets on factors, prime & composite numbers, and prime factorization. (due Wednesday)

**Stories for Library are due tomorrow. 
**Music quiz tomorrow. 
**Electronic Reading Logs due Thursday. 

I hope you ALL have a great Monday evening & talk to you soon!!

-Ms. Ray

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