Wednesday, December 17, 2014


HAPPY WEDNESDAY 5TH GRADE!! We had a very busy day today learning lots of new things :) Isabelle did the blog below...tomorrow she will be bringing in treats for us since this is her last week with us. Only 1 1/2 more days of school until Christmas Break! Will you all be doing anything fun?? I'm going to UL's bowl game :) **UL football fan & UK basketball fan** (I get a lot of grief from it!) HA!

I hope you all enjoy your evening and listed below is the homework for each subject for tonight...

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN make inferences in pictures & texts. 
We started discussing how we can make inferences in pictures...tomorrow we will focus on making inferences in texts. We also worked with our reading groups & some groups received their Study Guide Questions to work on during this time. They also started making LIVE Television Commercials for their books...they're having a BLAST with that :) We will hopefully have time to present them tomorrow. 
HOMEWORK: Try to finish books by Tomorrow. Book projects are due Jan. 15 if book finished by tomorrow, Jan. 22 if you have to finish reading over break. Electronic Reading Logs due tomorrow.


HOMEWORK: Read Lesson 3 in Ch. 4 and do 1-4 Review Questions @ the end of the lesson.

MATH: We touched base again with Prime Factorization & started looking at finding the greatest common factor of numbers. There are a few links I've attached at the bottom of the blog for extra help with those!

LEARNING TARGET: Math #1- I CAN find the factors of a number, identify prime & composite numbers, & find the prime factorization of numbers.
HOMEWORK: Redo Factor worksheet if didn't get all correct.

LEARNING TARGET: Math #2- I CAN list the common factors & find the greatest common factor of two or more numbers.
HOMEWORK:GCF worksheet.

HOMEWORK: Study for test that is tomorrow.

Math Links:

See you all bright & early in the morning!! 
-Ms. Ray

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