Friday, March 11, 2011


YAY!!! It's FRiiiiiiDAY!!!  Also, it's the day of the C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!  Hopefully, we pull out the BIG 'W' over the Ole Miss Rebels today (keep in mind, I am posting this BEFORE the game). 

Today is a day where I feel that our eyes should be on the world, so as a class, we have been watching the coverage of the earthquake that happened in Japan yesterday afternoon (this morning for us).  The earthquake thast hit measured almost a 9 on the Richter measurement scale...WOW!!  Naturally, this earthquake has not only affected Japan, but is causing a ripple effect with tsunamis across the Pacific Ocean and reaching us here along the Pacific coast of the United States.  We are so concerned and sending all of our thoughts and well wishes to any victims of this horrific event. 

We turned in our spelling packets and took our test per usual.  After the test, the students were very interested in watching the coverage of the earthquake and the coinciding aftermath, so I allowed them to finish their incomplete projects from groups this week, while watching the news. 
HOMEWORK: REMINDER: 3 chapters MUST be read from your group's chapter book and a coinciding role sheet MUST be completed as well in preparation for meeting with Literature Circles on Tuesday.  Be prepared for your group!
we reviewed Geometry in preparation for our upcoming KCCT (CATS) assessment.  Boy, it sure was a PLEASANT surprise seeing all the knowledge the students came to me knowing about this concept! WOWZA!!!  I was VERY impressed!

Unfortunately, Mrs. Ingold had to leave due to an emergency so for the remainder of the math class time, we worked on coordinate graphing and continued watching the coverage of the disaster in Japan and its effects on our country.  It was incredibly moving to see the genuine concern of the students for the many people affected by this horrific incident.  Students were already brainstorming ways in which we can help.  Aren't they wonderful?!?

PM activities:
Due to very disrespectful behavior and attitude towards Mrs. Ingold yesterday, I had to cancel the "Silly String" party that I had planned on having at the beginning of the week.  However, I did NOT want to punish the students who were respectful and were demonstrating model expectations so I bought them PIZZA!!!  I am so proud of you students who have been role models to your peers.  We are all proud of you and I AM PROUD OF YOU!  Thank YOU for being YOU!!!

We also got to have GUIDANCE with Mrs. Moses where we discussed a VERY important issue: abuse (emotional, physical, and sexual).  This may be an uncomfortable topic to touch on, but is one that is very, very important and must be discussed.  All students handled this with maturity and were engaged in the discussion.  I am very proud of our behavior and maturity during this somewhat "uncomfortable" discussion!

BOOK BUDDIES: We got to have BOOK BUDDIES with Mrs. Hubers's Kindergarten class which we love so very, very much!

I hope everyone has an EXCELLENT weekend and keep rootin' on our C-A-T-S CATS!!!  I hope we pull out ANOTHER SEC tournament championship!!!  Also, be sure to watch the "Selection Sunday" show on CBS to see who the qualifying teams are for March Madness this year (my very most FAVORITE time of the year!).  We will be running a class bracket to emphasize statistics, data analysis, and probability.  It is so much FUN and a GREAT way to learn about cool things!
I love you!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., REMEMBER TO "SPRING FORWARD" on your time this weekend!!!

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