Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Spectacular!!!

Boy, were we blessed with an AMAZING treat today!!!  The Kentucky McTeggart Irish Dancers performed for us here at GSE.  The McTeggarts are the only accredited school of Irish dance in Central Knetucky and FOUR GSE students are among the school's dancers: Alison Cooney, Colin Flaherty, Mara Flaherty, and Lily McSpaddenMara and Lily are in our reading class and we are sooooo very proud of them...they were beyond WONDERFUL!!!  Additional information about the McTeggarts, including details of their "Celtic Accents" spectacular at the Singletary Center this Saturday, March 19th at 7PM is available at  It really was an INCREDIBLE performance for GSE and a great way to learn more about St. Patrick's Day and an Irish tradition.  You can watch MOST of the performance right here (because of course, I got it all on video!). 

**Mara and Lily show up at about the 7 minute mark of the first video (which captures most of the dancers in action...and is WELL worth your time to spend watching!) and then you can see them clearly on each of the next three (which are much, much shorter...only about 2-3 minutes most!).** 
PLEASE take the time to check out our amazing girls that we are absolutely in "awe" of.  As your reading teacher, girls, I could NOT be more proud of gave me chills seeing you perform and no one could wipe the ear to ear smile from my face.  You really are SENSATIONAL!!!

I am having trouble uploading the long video so enjoy these short ones for now until I can figure out the problem!

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