Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Happy Tuesday all!  Can you believe it is already our LAST Tuesday of March?!?  WOWZA!  Where has the time gone?!?
LOOK at these precious owls!!!  Aren't they GREAT?!?  Eva snapped this pic on her recent trip to the zoo and museum in Cincinnati....waaaaay AMAZING :)
Today, I got a special gift: an owl that has a solar powered head that moves back and forth constantly with the natural solar power around us from Erin Heil in Mrs. Ingold's class (also in my Reading class).  I L.O.V.E. it!!!  Gahhh..she's so sweet.  I love that I feel him "watching" me all the time.  Here's a little sneak peak...he's so cool!

All QUEST students made up their spelling tests that they missed yesterday.  I checked spelling activites from last night and you all continue to impress me daily on these...you're so creative!!!  I really am so proud to be your teacher!  Students then completed their assessment of our recent skills (this was a tough ORQ in hopes to really get up prepped for anything that can be thrown our way).  We will be peer scoring these to get more practice with using a scoring guide/ rubric and identifying qualities present or not present in an ORQ by giving constructive criticism (using the rubric and teacher 'model 4' that we'll write together to guide us). Once students were finished, they had the option to: complete their "story kite", take an AR test over their completed group's chapter book, play a spelling game with a partner, or take 'comprehension card' tests with a partner.
HOMEWORK: continue reading/ working to complete reading of group's chapter book. 
**ALSO, work on spelling packet as it is due by Friday!

We were so very attentive today and got through so much instruction!  Our time was spent through guided practice, getting our hands on the manipulatives (fraction strips) we made yesterday to help us compare, order, and identify fractions (which was our learning outcome: I will be able to compare, order, construct, and identify fractions and their equivalents).
HOMEWORK: because we got through so much in class and did such a great job working on fractions, there is no homework.  Our brains got A LOT of exercise today!

PM activities:
Today was a switching day so our class went to Mrs. Ingold's class for Social Studies.  Mrs. Ingold's class came to me and we watched a video by paleontologists about fossils.  Students were given white boards and markers as they watched to help them record observations in order to meet our learning outcome: I will be able to use fossils to make inferences about organisms' lifestyles, habitats, and diet from the past.  Did you know that birds are relatives of dinosaurs?!?  Turtles too?
HOMEWORK: visit some of the fossil websites from last week if you can!

isn't this fossil AWESOME?!?  Eva got this picture for us too on her recent trip to a museum in Cincinnati! 

meeting a goal means rewards!!!

Guess what?  Alyssa was the very first person to meet her goal and get all of her stars colored in on her "Earn & Rewards" card!  Her reward for meeting this goal was some "teaching time" about the subject of her choice. GO ALYSSA!  Abby-Lou also met her goal this afternoon and will get to sit at my desk for her reward!

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!
Mrs. Thomas

Look at alllll those colored in stars...and in less than a week! WOWZA!  Shew girl, YOU ROCK
WONDERFUL!  (from Eva's Cincinnati zoo trip)

isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!?  Gahhh...I LOVE owls!  (another pic from Eva's zoo trip!)  Thanks for sharing these photos, Eva!
Look where I went while you all were in specials...
I got to go to...the JR. BETA CLUB induction today!  Each year, 5th graders who have maintained a 3.25 GPA and above are qualified to be a part of our GSE Beta Club.  Why did I go, you may ask?  Well, I had almost every single one of these students last year in class (I had ALL of the officers in the videos below in class!).  Also, some of the students you will see in pictures are siblings of students in our class this year and I feel that this is something you can strive to be a part of as it is a wonderful organization!  Watch the videos of the officers and note how they have been elected to serve for this organization and how they are leaders of this school.  What fantastic representation we have here at GSE!!!

The officers (L-R): Sarah Black, President; Ike Ducas, Vice-President; Josh Szydlik, Secretary; Carly Littleton, Treasurer; and Annie Vandenburg, Membership Chair

Haley :)  She is Hannah S's big sister (and she was in my homeroom last year!)

Savannah :)  Our Caroline D's sister (and she was on the Governor's Cup Academic Team)

Paul :) (he was in my homeroom last year)

Allison :) (she was in my homeroom last year AND on the Academic Team this year)

Hannah :) (she was in my homeroom last year and on the Academic Team last year AND this year

Carrie :) (I had her for Math last year and she was on the Academic Team this year)

Jemima :) (She is Tabitha's sister and was on the Academic Team)

Alex B. :) (she was in my homeroom last year)

Annie (Left) and Clara (to my Right)

my Hannah :)
To all my former students in Beta Club, I am SOOOOOO very, very proud of you!  You were so very wonderful to have in class and I know life is going to take you through many wonderful journeys.  Just promise you'll come back and visit your old 4th grade teacher!

To my 3rd graders, this can be you in just 2 years!  Can you believe that?!?  I believe in all of you and know that your potential is limitless!  Reach for the sky and you'll land among the stars!  You know the sign that's the magnet above our door?  I believe every bit of that quote from Dr. Seuss, "Kid, you'll move mountains!"  And I am certain all of you can and will! 

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