Friday, March 25, 2011


Hello everyone and Happy Friday!  Lexington Mayor, Jim Gray, has announced that today is "BLUE & WHITE" day in celebration of our UK Wildcats playing against Ohio State tonight in hopes of advancing to the 'Elite 8' in the NCAA tournament!!!  I hope we pull off the big 'W' (win) and the BIG UPSET!!!  Can we do it?!? Oh goodness, I am N-E-R-V-O-U-S, but soooooo very hopeful!!!
Our UK student, Miss Golan, was here to teach us a lesson on vocabulary words.  She had us get into our reading groups and assigned each group 3 words.  The group was responsibile for putting on a skit to act out these words in their correct context (usage of the word).  The audience was responsible for staying alert by writing in the sentences stated by the group containing the words, and identify the 3 spelling words used.  It was really fun and the groups did a GREAT job!
HOMEWORK: REMEMBER...your spelling packet is due MONDAY, so complete it over the weekend and study those words for your test!

EXTRA a.m. activities:
I love this sportsmanship and team camaraderie!
in between math and reading, we played some math games that my math class is familiar with: Baseball Multiplication and "Slap-it".  We had a blast and I loved the "sportsmans-like" conduct I could see and hear from many  students encouraging others.  It was great!  

We reviewed homework from last night about equivalent fractions and corrected any misconceptions about them or mistakes.  Next, we went on a FRACTION HUNT around the school to locate all the things broken down into equal parts (bookshelves, the tiles on the floor, door frames, bricks, the concrete blocks the school walls are made of, clocks, signs, etc...).  The students had a great time and found that fractions can be found almost anywhere on anything, we just had to focus upon them! 

Here are some great websites you should visit to practice and have fun with math:

PM activities:
we reviewed and scored our NCAA brackets, did some spring cleaning, reviewed some more math.  Finally, we ended the day with book buddies with Mrs. Hubers's Kindergarteners which we always enjoy!

Have a GREAT weekend and GO UK!
Mrs. Thomas

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