Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!!!  However, that puts us in a bit of a predicament because our CATS play tomorrow in the first round of the NCAA tournament tomorrow!  Therefore, we should strive to wear blue...and maybe just a hint of green, like an accessory or something  :)  We will look at the history of St. Patrick's day and why we recognize it. 

We were able to get into groups today and worked on sooooo many projects!  I LOVE seeing the students engaged in learning through socializing and group tasks.  Ask your student about all of our activities.
HOMEWORK: work on study packets.  Remember, these are NOT due by Friday, but are due by Monday.  You can also always work on another activity for additional bonus credit!

We learned about the difference between line graphs and line plots.  Line graphs show change over time, where line plots show differences in numbers (it is kind of like tally marks on a number line).  Line plots were our emphasis today.
HOMEWORK: complete workbook pages 75-82 (3B!!!).  Yes, it does sound like a lot, but think about that the majority of the pages are consumed by graphs and charts and you use them to analyze data and answer any questiongs pertaining to them. 

PM activities:
We got to go on a walk outside today!  I LOVE those days!  Since we are studying the skill of predicting outcomes, we worked using that concept to complete NCAA tournament brackets all in the name of good fun.  We used the information given to us about each team to predict the outcomes of the games.  It will be tons of fun to see how our predictions pan out!

Have a wonderful Wednesday night!
Mrs. Thomas

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