Monday, March 28, 2011


HELLO ALL, and HAPPY MONDAY!!!  How about those C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS?!!!!?  Were you even able to sleep last night?!?  I know I certainly had trouble winding down!  They were incredible and I'm so happy we're back where we belong: up on the big stage, dancing away!!  It's been a loooooong time since we've been here, but we're back and I hope...ready to attack!!

Happy day :)

L.O.V.E. it!!!

it's been a looonnng 13 years!

clapping in celebration and pride for his teammate...what GREAT enthusiasm!!!



such a touching moment between a coach and a player :)

teammates through and through
All students who were not gone to QUEST, took the Spelling test.  Questers, since I did not get a chance to test you today, you will test tomorrow and turn in your packet to me as well.  I also passed out our NEW packet which is Lesson 9.  Since we are back on a normal schedule with NO other circumstances, these packets are DUE BY THIS FRIDAY (April 1st...and NO, I'm not foolin'!). 
Today in class, we took an assessment for our skill of focus this week.  Questers, you will do this during Independent Practice tomorrow.
HOMEWORK: Complete ONE activity for your spelling words.  I gave out 2 NEW pages of "think-tac-toe" so you now have 36 more options to choose from when selecting an activity!  HAVE FUN!
**ALSO, you need to have your group's chapter book completed by THIS FRIDAY and will turn the book in to me before you leave for SB.  You will get your new book to take home over break and get some chapters read during any down time, boredom, or while traveling. 

We continued working on FRACTIONS!  To do this, we were given "Fraction Strips" (each broken down with lines into separate fractions so we can compare them) and were to color each strip/ bar a different color and then cut them out.  This gave us manipulatives to get our hands on fractions and compare them.  Next, we reviewed with some pages from our text book and worked on comparing fractions and finding equivalent ones independently so our brains could really get some exercise!

PM activities:
Mrs. Weiler (Elise's mom...she is SOOO FANTASTIC to us!!!) came and showed us our class project that we will have ready for the Spring Carnival: it is a photobook and is so incredibly cool!  EACH student will get to design a page of his/her own in the book...and guess what?!? 
**If you are reading this blog right now, you can access it straight from here or at other times on your own! is the website. 
**Click on the orange photo icon under the Walgreen's logo at the top. 
**Then, log-in on the right side in the orange text box.  Our username is:  Your student has the password written on a sticky note that is in his/her planner (didn't want to reveal it here for all the world to see...ya know, being that we're so famous! :)  tee-hee).
**Next, you click on the blue file folder in the middle of the page entitled, March 2011. 
**On the left side, you will then see a selection menu.  Click on: projects; then, "my projects"; and our class photobook will pop up.
**Your child should only be working on the page number that coincides with his/her classroom number (he/she knows the number) and this site is pretty user friendly.  Just play around with all the designs and options that you can use and have fun!  I will upload all the classroom pictures I have saved here and you can play around with those as well. 
**If you have a picture or pictures at home that you'd like to use, you may upload them as well.  Be as creative as you wish and we should have the best class project EVER!  It will be waaaaay more personalized than a yearbook!
**Expect to see a letter from Mrs. Weiler coming home in the Wednesday folders and if you have any questions about getting logged on, you can contact me by email or here at school!

Have a wonderful Monday evening!
Mrs. Thomas
we WILL add to our banners in RUPP (with it at least saying, "Final Four"), but we will add one of THESE?!?  HOPE SOOOOO!!!

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