Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hello all and Happy Friday eve!!!  Third grade and Second grade went on field trips today which meant our entire day was all whacky.  Everyone did great with being flexible and I am thankful for our kiddos!

We are continuing to study how prefixes and suffixes (affixes) can change the meaning of a root word.
HOMEWORK: none, but quiz over them TOMORROW!

We worked on comparing and contrasting a Roman myth to a Greek myth AND on making connections between the gods and goddesses.  The students are LOVING this concept and I am loving that they are loving it so much!

Yet again, we had students STILL not finish their role sheets for their groupwork so we were unable to have reading groups!  Ahhh!  I certainly hate to get frustrated, but this is frustrating!  My reading babies are so smart and I know you are capable of excellence!  I love you all dearly and I also love your awesome work that you can do!  Those of you who still need to finish them, this is your very last chance...kapeesh?? 
HOMEWORK: Complete the CROSSWORD puzzle sheet to help you practice with the definitions of your vocab words because...

you have a VOCABULARY test tomorrow, AND a spelling test.  PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE make sure to not only study the spelling of the words, but knowing the context in which they are used so we can ace our vocab (definitions) quizzes too!  I predict I'll have to give out LOTS of homework passes for this test because you all are soooo awesome!!

Ms. Frederick is continuing to work with our class on seasons!

We practiced again with the Lattice Method for Multiplication and do you know what?!?  These kiddos are multiplying 3-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers ALL BY THEMSELVES!  Wowza!
HOMEWORK: visit some multiplication websites shown in my list below to practice, practice, practice!

I'll see you tomorrow, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready for our awesome Friday!  I love Fridays with you!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is ONLY TWO WEEKS from TODAY!!!

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