Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am so sorry to be getting this up so very late!  The staff has meetings after school on Tuesdays and then I was swamped...ahhh!!!  I always want it to be my top priority to have continuous communication with you about our life in the classroom and assignments!

Students had orchestra today so we will pick up where we left off with writing and studying context clues tomorrow!

We finished reading our story about the Titanic and I love to see the students' interest in this topic...I have to admit, it is one of my most favorite as it is so intriguing!  We used this story as a means of nonfiction to teach the skill of finding the Main Idea.  Students were able to get into reading groups and go through Literature Circles, AND work on WORD WORK, and complete an assignment entitled, "A Handy Idea" where they read an article from Scholastic News and identified its main idea and details to support it.  We will continue with this concept tomorrow!
HOMEWORK: guess who forgot to pass out Wordly Wise Exercise 2 today?  Yup, that's me :) 
I'll allow them group time tomorrow to complete it to make up for my "ditzyness"...or is it "pregnancy brain"??  ALSO, students MUST have their group's chapter book FINISHED BY THIS FRIDAY!

Ms. Frederick had the students doing such a fun experiment by exploring with different types of soil!  I came back in our room to grab something and I was so jealous because it looked awesome!

We got to do a SUPER fun lesson with Mrs. Butler's class...so take that!  tee-hee, I'm just kidding on my competitiveness (or am I?!?)...but we DID go to Mrs. Butler's room to do an exploratory introductory lesson on division using the book, The Doorbell Rang and chocolate chip cookies. 
HOMEWORK: none tonight, but like I've said a million and half times before, working on multiplication facts is NEVER a bad idea!!!

Have a super LAST Tuesday of November 2011!
Mrs. Thomas

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