Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Happy Wednesday, folks!  I hope I find you dry and warm on this fall day!  This morning, we had our third class meeting in conjunction with bullying week.  Students are learning about what bullying is, how to deal with it, and how to be a buddy, not a bully or bystander.

It was so fantastic seeing all the grandparents here today!  Thank you so much for coming, we absolutely loved having you here...what a special day!

AND, what a GREAT win by our C-A-T-S CATS last night over Kansas!  I must admit, I was not too happy with our game in the first half, but we pulled it together in the second half and showed the world WHY people consider UK to be so great!  I think games like this can show spectators (especially our students), that persistence pays off...we shouldn't give up when the going gets tough.

We are working on Greek and Latin affixes.

We were able to get into groups and go through our reading rotations.  Groups are working on their projects within these rotations and Groups D and B learned about taking weekly Fluency Assessments.
HOMEWORK: none, unless you are in GROUPS D or B where you have your Fluency Folder to do a fluency assessment at home.  These students are: Henry, Lawrence, Tavis, Jeremy, Jual, Emilee, Hayden, and Blake.

Students took their assessment over Earth's movements and how they impact our daily lives.

We finished our Game Show from yesterday and declared a winner...
We then worked on some more multi-digit multiplication and began learning about the partial-products method.
HOMEWORK: none, but please go through multiplication tables a few times...some are still struggling on very basic facts.

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!
Mrs. Thomas
Thanksgiving is only 8 days away...that's only ONE WEEK from tomorrow!
4 more school days until break!

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