Thursday, November 17, 2011


Happy last Thursday of school in November, everyone!  Yes, THIS is our LAST Thursday in November...the 17th!  Crazy, huh?!?  And then, only THREE weeks until Winter Break!  Wowza!

I enjoyed seeing everyone today in their boots as we showed pride to "stomp out bullies"! 
Hayden's boots were THE most fun and FABULOUS of the day!!!  I want some for myself!

some of the boots from today :)

Students had orchestra AND Book Fair this morning, so writing was incorporated into centers activities today.

Students watched the story, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters, which is an adaptation of Cinderella from African culture.  We have watched a synopsis of the version that is familiar to most Americans (Disney), and the German shortened version too.  They have also read a version in their reading texts, entitled, "Cendrillon." After watching the video, students compared and contrasted two versions from our studies to practice our skill of focus. 
HOMEWORK: Read assigned pages from book (the most any group has is 7 to 12 pages) and complete half of role sheet (since it is such a short reading assignment).
ALSO: Study, study, STUDY for spelling and vocabulary tests tomorrow!

Students got to go outside for an activity with Ms. Frederick!

PM activities:
Students completed workbook pages 46 - 48 for math to practice multiplication.
THEN, we worked on our poster for "Buddies, not Bullies" week.  Wait for pictures to come turned out GREAT!  I hope we win, but I'm just proud of us working together for a good cause!

I hope you have a THRILLING Thursday!
Mrs. Thomas
Thanksgiving is ONE week from Today!
3 more school days until break!!!

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