Friday, November 18, 2011


Happy Friday, friends!!!!  Whew, what a week...huh?!?  Well, guess what?!?  WE WON THE POSTER CONTEST FOR "Buddies, not Bullies" week!!!!!!!!!!!  Such exciting news!!!  I must say, it WAS quite creative and it did look WAY awesome!  Special thanks to Tori, Tyler, and Lawrence for staying after school yesterday to finish putting it together and adding the final touches!  We each got: our own bag of "Mike and Ike" candies, our own bag of chips, and an extra 10 minutes of recess for winning!  YAY! 
Here is OUR winning banner:
This now hangs up by the front office!  YAY for us!
onto our activities for today:
We took our Spelling tests and then an assessment over our skill of comparing and contrasting.
HOMEWORK: since you completed a role sheet for reading groups last night...there is NO HOMEWORK this weekend!!!  YAY!

We had our fifth of 5 in a series of class meetings about Bully prevention, being a buddy not a bully or bystander, and standing up to others.

PM activities:
We completed an actiuvity about what we're thankful for and then students who earned "buddy passes" for this week got to go to an ice cream social in the cafeteria! 

Have a tremendous weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is only 6 DAYS from TODAY!
ONLY 2 more school days until break!!

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