Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sorry I am yet again, a bit tardy for the posting party!  I just cannot get in the rhythm of getting the blog posts done before the end of the day..I have GOT to find the time during the day to do it though, because I feel this is such an important way to communicate with everyone and keep YOU informed of the happenings in and around our days at DSE.

We are reviewing how affixes (prefixes or suffixes) can change the meaning of a root (or base) word.  However, Wednesday, we will begin studying Greek and Latin word derivatives.

To say the students are enjoying learning about mythology is an understatement...they are absolutely enamored with it and we are having a BLAST!  This week, we will continue using myths, but we are focusing upon the skill of comparing and contrasting.
HOMEWORK: Exercises 1, 2, and 3 for vocabulary words, complete ONE activity from "Think-Tac-Toe" activity bank, AND read designated pages from group's chapter book and complete coinciding role sheet BY WEDNESDAY (no later and absolutely NO exceptions).

Students are learning about Earth's rotation on its axis as it orbits around the sun and how that affects our shadows here on Earth and our seasons.

We have begun our NEW unit on multi-digit multiplication!!  The students will be learning FOUR methods for multiplying, and then may choose which best suits them.  Monday, we learned how to multiply using "Place-Value" charts or "Base-10" pieces, and also learned the "Standard Algorithm" which is the traditional method for multiplying.

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday off, and GO VOTE!
Mrs. Thomas

16 days until Thanksgiving!

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