Monday, November 14, 2011


Happy Monday, everyone!!  This is our last full week of school for November...crazy, right?!?  It really is mind-bloggling to think that this year is almost halfway over!

We are studying Latin and Greek affixes and how they have helped to cultivate much of our language.  We are learning that English is a "living language", meaning words are constantly being added to our vocabulary and words can change or are influenced by other cultures and their coinciding languages. 
HOMEWORK: I forgot to pass it out...whoops!  So, NONE!

Again this week, we are working with Mythology to teach the skill of comparing and contrasting.  Today, we completed a top-hat organizer to compare and contrast a Greek myth to a Roman myth.  These are now hanging in our hallway display :)
HOMEWORK: NEW word lists were passed out, so Exercise 1 is due by tomorrow as well as one activity of choice from the "Think-tac-toe" activity sheet.  Vocab. spelling and definitions tests are on Friday, per usual.

our WOW! Words this week (11.14.11 - 11.18.11) are:

We did not have Science with Ms. Frederick today because 4H came!

We are currently working on multi-digit multiplication so we worked on the lattice method, standard algorithm, and the partial-products method today which is new to our tool bag.
HOMEWORK: Complete "Multiplying by 2-digits" worksheet (FRONT ONLY!).  There are 20 problems, you must use the Standard Algorithm for 10, and the Lattice Method for 10.  SHOW YOUR WORK on the separate sheet of notebook paper that was passed out with the worksheet!!!!

Have a Magnificent Monday evening with your loved ones!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is 10 days from today!
(and guess what?!?  ONLY 6 school days until Thanksgiving Break!)

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